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Parking Secrets & Suggestions


Of course, we are easily accessible from the Green/Yellow line {U Street/African-Amer Civil War Memorial/Cardozo and Shaw Howard stops.  The 96 bus also services 9th & U

Parking Panda

Use Parking Panda to pre pay for reserved parking near the restaurant.

Street Parking

There is a lot of street parking around the restaurant and there is a large amount of turnover, so a few trips around the block can yield a spot.  Just be sure to read the signs and look for the green visitor parking signs so you don’t get a ticket!  While 9th Street South of Florida has a lot of available spaces, it is also the most in demand.  T Street is a good option from 10th to 7th.  Taking S back to 9th or 10th completes the easiest parking “circle”

Pay Lots on 8th North of Florida

From the Grotto, drive north on 9th to W: South of w {to the right} are two private pay lots.  To the left is a large lot that is sometimes pay, sometimes not.  These lots are a 4 block walk to the Grotto or less.  North of V street are several lots, again some are pay lots and some unattended depending on the night.  These are a 5 or so walk ot the restaurant

 Pay lots in the vicinity of 7th & T

The Howard Theater Lot: at the corner {entrance on 7th} that is a pay lot.  Price varies.

Indoor parking in alley between T and S Next to Howard Theater: If you tale T street past 7th east, towards the Howard theater, turn in the alley between the Howard and Right Proper. There is a pay lot there.

Vermont & U Street

Pay Lot on U Between 10th and 9th: on the south side of the street ~ You must be traveling east on U from 10th to turn right into the lot ~ it is behind Nellies.  There is metered parking on U but you need to feed the meter later in some areas.

Vermont street from U to S street has a lot of visitor parking as well.