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Passover 2017

April 10 @ 4:30 pm - April 17 @ 10:00 pm

Passover 2017 / 5777

Join us for our always festive & delicious Passover feast being served from Monday, April 10 thru Monday, April 17.  We serve our Passover dinner family style, and you are free to request seconds!  The feast is $59 per person.  We will be offering our menu on Monday and Tuesday, and then Wednesday thru Monday, we will offer everything a la carte.

This year we continue to explore Italian & Sephardic Jewish traditions to go along with some Gold Family classics.

Our feast is not Kosher, but kosher style.  We try to respect the most common Passover food restrictions.

We would love to see you at out Passover Dinner or anytime during the week!  Please do reserve as tables are sure to book up quickly.

Open Table Reservations

The Feast

We will feature a couple of different Italian Charosets to start.  Then we will serve up a trio of roasted & sauteed veggies served along with a tea cooked egg with a horseradish & parsley pesto.  While we are not sure the egg is of any Jewish or Italian tradition, it is a fun item.  But the veggies will be definitely Tuscan in influence.

Then comes the traditional trio: Gefilte Fish, Matzo Ball Soup & Chopped Liver.  Given the sustainability questions regarding the traditional lake fish, we have turned to an unusual blend of fish for our Gefilte fish: salmon, rockfish & mahi-mahi.  And we think it’s even better than our original recipe.  Not in some pink fusiony fish ball, our gefilte fish is a well balanced, juicy fish with the richness of the salmon and rockfish taking the place of the traditional whitefish, and the leaner, meatier mahi rounding out the texture.  The first time we tried this was because of a lack of lake fish availability.  Now it’s our standard recipe.

The feast continues with a trio of delicious mains: overnight vittelone breast made with Chapel Hill’s Randall Lineback Ruby Veal.  This is the most naturally raised veal we know: the calves feed on natural mom’s milk and grass, and live their lives outdoors.  The next main is Amish Raised Chicken, braised with preserved lemon & olives: classic Moroccan Sephardic flavors.  Last is a dish made around much of the Mediterranean, called Chraime: firm fleshed fish cooked in a spicy tomato sauce.  The most traditional fish used is amberjack, but we will use whatever we can get locally that is sustainable and delicious.

To finish,  dessert will be walnut cookies, macaroons, and a chocolate matzo crunch.

Per Entree

Charosets, Matzoh & Horseradish


Grilled Asparagus

Rainbow Chard
sauteed w/garlic, lemon, pickled stems

Grilled Kale Raab
the flowering stock of the kale plant

Tea Eggs w/Parsley Pesto & Horseradish

The Passover Triumvirate

Duck Schmaltz Matzo Ball Soup

House Gefilte Fish

Chopped Chicken Liver

House made gefilte fish w/rockfish, salmon & mahi mahi

Gefilte Fish


Overnight Vittelone Brisket {veal breast}

Randall Lineback Veal Breast cooked over night w/potatoes. pan gravy

Overnight Vittelone

Chicken w/Preserved Lemon & Olives

Charaime ~ local fish in a Sephardic style, spicy tomato sauce


Macaroon Walnut Cookies

Walnut Cookies

Walnut cookies

Walnut cookies

Chocolate covered matzoh crunch


April 10 @ 4:30 pm
April 17 @ 10:00 pm