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The Dino Food Manifesto

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The food we eat should be raised & produced by small farms following sustainable practices
Our fish are sustainable & we love local produce & meats if possible
Our meats & poultry are raised free from sub-therapeutic antibiotics, hormones & growth stimulants
We love animals fed real food & not ‘feed blends’
We support a local network of responsible, small, family farms
We would rather know our farmers & their integrity than
look for a label like organic which is designed to serve the industrial organic industry
We serve produce when in season, at its peak of full-flavor: we go to weekly farmers’ markets & use
local farmers’ co-ops to bring seasonal flavors from our local foodshed
We do not believe in better living through GMO or intensive factory farming
Animals taste best when treated humanely

We love our family farms & local farmers’ markets

14th/U ~ Dupont Circle ~ Silver Spring ~ Shaw ~ Bloomingdale

Spring Valley {wv} ~~ Farm at Sunny Side {va} ~~ Gardeners Gourmet {md}
Garner {va} ~~ Twin Springs {pa} ~~ Love Dove {md} ~~ Mountain View {md}
3 Springs {pa} ~~ Truck Patch {md} ~~ Toigo {pa}
Chapel Hill Farms ‘pastured, randall lineback ruby veal’ {va} ~~ Dr Joe Jurgielewicz & Son ‘duck’ {pa}
JT & R Exotic Meats ‘wild boar’ {md} ~~ Shenandoah Valley Beef Coop {va}
Rocky Hollow Farm ‘pork’ {md}